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Windscreen success!!

To: <>
Subject: Windscreen success!!
From: "Allen Shaffer" <>
Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 23:07:32 -0400
As soon as my hands heal, and I can type for a longer period, I'm going to
write all of you individually to thank you for your emergency help. The new
windscreen is in (all 4 bolts!), and I'm much, much more mentally healthy.
Marian sort of "perching" on top of one side, and a C-clamp on the other,
coupled with sticking a "guide rod" in the holes while positioning...(all
suggestions received from the list) did the trick.

I feel bad that I chose not to "bomb" the list with thanks following my
previous ask for assistance on the ZS carb (which I refurbished according to
the advice from Trevor, Matt Kulka, and others) and my original ask about
the lights (fixed, thanks to Denise and others. I don't believe that I've
ever run into such a giving, decent group of people. Or more knowledgeable.
And these thanks are overdue.

We very deeply appreciate all of your help and concern.
I hope someday we know enough to help someone else in the same way.

Thanks again!!
Allen and Marian
Columbus, Ohio
77B, Brooklands Green, "Prolly"
(Which car are you taking? "Prolly" the MG....)

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