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Oh this @#* distributor cap clip again

Subject: Oh this @#* distributor cap clip again
From: Hans Duinhoven <>
Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 22:40:11 +0200
Hi listers

For the second time I fell into the nasty trap of remounting the starter
motor in my '71 MGBGT.
I had this motor removed, because I was bleeding the clutch circuit.
I found that the metal tube connecting to the flex hose of the clutch
cylinder was not tightened enough, so there was a leak.

As there was no room for making the nut thight by even a small spanner, I
removed the ignition cap wherefrom the sparkplug leads go from and also I
removed the starter motor. This gave me plenty of room to fix the clutch
hydraulics. The bleeding went very well with the assistance of my youngest
son, who every time I asked pumped the pedal and later when the bleed screw
was tight again he released the pedal. 

After this succes I wanted to mount the starter motor again.
As the car is on axle stands and I'm on my own it's quite a heavy job
lifting the motor and trying to put a bolt and turn it, in order to fit the
After this difficult job was done I wanted to put the distributor cap back
to the ignition.
Some of you may already feel where I'm going to:
the top clip which holds the cap went on fine.
the lower clip was BEHIND THE STARTER MOTOR and not easily to be moved to
the other side of the motor, so to be functiuonal and tightening the cap.
And now I remembered again what I exeperienced earlier.
I then removed the motor and before mounting again, I tightened the top and
lower clips together with an elastic band.

Before I again have to remove this motor with all the trouble again, I'd
like to know:
is there a workaround?
Can I get the clip from this place and move it on top of the starter motor?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hans - wishing this job was over

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