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re:MGC brakes

Subject: re:MGC brakes
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 09:03:46 EDT

If you are certain that the servoes are at fault, you can remove them and fit 
"bypass tubing" in their place. Braking effort will be considerable, but this 
will allow you to test the integrity of the two servoes. (You could then 
replace one at a time to see which unit is defective, if not both.) 

I ran my MGC for a year in this manner....the only consequence being a right 
leg that is much larger than the left. 

"Bob Kirk's Auto Refitters" of Iowa offers after market servoes as well as a 
rebuild service for the factory units. As does "White Post Restorations" in 
Virginia and "Power Brake Exchange" in California.


rick ingram
'69 MGC Tourer
'78 MGB Tourer

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