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Brake M/C rebuild question

To: MG Mail list <>
Subject: Brake M/C rebuild question
From: Joe Short <>
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 09:07:28 -0400
Well, replaced the cracked rear brake hose on my '75 B on Saturday.
But when I connected my trusty vacuum bleeder to bleed the brakes nothing
came out ! I even went so far as to disconnect the hose and connect my
bleeder to the hard line and try it from there. Still nothing. With the rear
bleeders open, I pumped the brake pedal. It felt as if the brakes were fine.
It didn't go soft or slowly to the floor, but it didn't build pressure and 
pump up either. I read recent;y on the list about someone who had a similar 
and replace a pressure warning switch to correct the problem, but I can't find 
one anywhere. My guess is it's time to rebuild the master cylinder. My 
are, can I verify this before I spend money ? And, are there any special 
or thing I should know before I rebuild the M/C ?


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