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Timing gears from MOSS... BAD!!!

Subject: Timing gears from MOSS... BAD!!!
From: "DENNIS COX" <>
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 09:35:30 -0700
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I wonder if anyone else has come up against this problem.  I am in the
midst of rebuilding a 67 MGB engine.  The timing gears and chain
supplied by MOSS where made in India and Taiwan.  These gears barley
pass a visual inspection.  The machine work looks very crude.  On
installation the crank gear just slipped right on.  I can clunk it back
and forth and up and down!!!!  The Cam gear once installed was 10 off
TDC!!  and had over .015 runout!!  I ended up purchasing the Kent
kit...  The Kent parts fit just fine..  The quality of the gears and
parts in the Kent kit are superb!!  I am very disappointed in MOSS for
selling such garbage.  I have no intention of of having my engine, that
I just spent considerable time and money on, fail because of a $30
part..   Any comments and experiences on this would be appreciated.  I
cant believe MOSS would sell such crap and expect people to build
engines with these obviously inferior ill fitting parts.
67 MGB

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