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Vapour lock problem. Was won't start

To: "''" <>
Subject: Vapour lock problem. Was won't start
From: "Jones, Mark" <>
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 15:07:38 -0300
You may recall I was having a problem with my car quitting on me.  I can let
the car sit for about 15-20 minutes and it will start again.  I have finally
concluded that it must be a vapour locking problem.  I have checked the
ignition system and find it to be working properly.  The reason I believe it
is a vapour locking problem is that when it happens the car first will
hesitate and not hold speed for about 20 seconds and then quit (using up the
gas in the float chamber?).  At the same time the pumps sounds like it is
going crazy pumping.  I should mention that it is not an SU pump and I don't
know what pressure it is pumping at, but there is no smell or signs of gas
in the engine compartment of around the gas tank.

If it is a vapour lock problem how do I go about further diagnosing the
problem in terms of where exactly the problem is originating at (is it at
the pump or under the bonnet)?  Could the wrong pump be inducing my vapour
lock problem?

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