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Re: Wire wheels on a MG-TD?

To: "Mark Wetzel" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Wire wheels on a MG-TD?
From: "Lawrie Alexander" <>
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 16:54:17 -0700
Sorry, Mark, whoever wrote what you read was wrong! The factory did not
offer wire wheels as an option until the TF came along (introduced at the
1953 Earl's Court, London, Motor Show.)

Dealers were able to retrofit TDs with wires as the parts interchanged
easily and, of course, many hundreds of TDs have since been fitted with
wires by using either TF parts, conversion kits from people such as Moss
Motors, or by the expedient of fitting MGA or MGA components.

And I'm not sure everyone will agree that TDs don't look good with wire
wheels! I have a grey car with chrome wire wheels in my shop at present and
it looks very elegant!

British Sportscar Center
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From: Mark Wetzel <>
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Date: Monday, May 17, 1999 10:23 AM
Subject: Wire wheels on a MG-TD?

>I've read that wire wheels were offered as an option on later TD's.  Does
>anyone know which years this happened?  Then again would they always look
>out-of-place anyway, making it a moot point?

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