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HS4 Carb Plumbing (Yet again)

Subject: HS4 Carb Plumbing (Yet again)
From: "chief bootknocker" <>
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 06:04:51 -0700
Hello everyone,

I have asked this before and not received a straight answer. If any one has the 
HS4 setup with the front float bowl having three input/output fuel ports and 
the rear with the normal two ports, could you please take a look at them and 
tell me how they are routed.

I took pictures at the latest MG show put on by Moss and the only people with 
that setup said that they did not know how it was plumbed!!!!!!!!  I am going 
to go ahead with the conversion and that is just one of the nagging problems I 
have to solve.


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