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Re: starter trouble on 1966 MGB

To: Dirk de Boer <>
Subject: Re: starter trouble on 1966 MGB
From: Robert Alan Reisse <>
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 18:35:47 -0400
Most likely you have a starter that is starting to fail.  The dead spot
probably indicates a open in one of the windings.  Turning it to another
location (or tapping the starter) probably moves the contacts to another
winding and the starter works.  The problem will just get worse as more
windings start to go.  I would suggest replacing the starter.

Bob Reisse
76 MGB
NAMGBR 8-3559
69 MGC-GT coming together.

At 03:59 PM 5/18/99 -0600, Dirk de Boer wrote:
>Question for you all: On my 1966 MGB once in a while the starter doesn't
>do anything. When I turn the key, the solenoid clicks, and that's all
>that happens. If I rotate the starter a little bit by hand and try
>again, the starter will work, so it seems there is a 'dead spot.'
>Anybody have a clue what's going on here? Brushes? Armature?
>Dirk de Boer

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