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MG collectables

Subject: MG collectables
From: Bill Saidel <>
Date: Wed, 19 May 99 8:15:51 EDT
When I was in Sydney last Spring, me wife and I walked into this cute little
store called the Sydney Cigarette Card Co ( I guess
the weird habits of British cigarette manufacturers once upon a time was to
entice purchasers by including little cultural collecting cards (famous
cricket if cricket were a sensible game! famous politicians,
Shakespeare quotes, many others). Among the many were 3 different sets of MG
cards (cultural?)...of course, the set with my year's MG was out, but the owner 
told me
to keep in touch by email (from here in the wild's of Southern New Jersey,

1) He has restocked. I have my set. He is happy to send them worldwide, so if
you are interested, give him an email! (He also sells these neat mounted sets
so you can view the front of the card and read the back.)
2) Can any of you former British smokers (the card sets come from England)
remember these cards and relate their story to one ignorant colonial?

Also, my wife, the English pro was tickled over the Shakespeare set so I don't
even feel guilty for spending money on such frivolity instead of a
replacement dongle for my B.


(with no financial interest in a small shop half way around the world!)

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