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RE: Mallory Dizzy Question

To: "Jason" <>, MG List Posts <>
Subject: RE: Mallory Dizzy Question
From: Joe Short <>
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 08:30:51 -0400
You need a special tool for changing the advance on the disttrbutor.
The Burgess book recomends 34 degrees total advance, I set my distributor
for 24 degrees, and set the timong to 10. It's fairly simple, but you have to 
take the distributor apart to do it. The tool is a little black plastic stick 
with graduated steps on one side, do you have the tool ?

>===== Original Message From "Jason" <> =====
>I have a Mallory dual point distributor on my 79 B. What should initial
>timing and or total advance be? Also, how do you change the advance curve? I
>don't have any of the spec sheets for this dizzy.

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