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RE: Windshield to body seal

Subject: RE: Windshield to body seal
From: "Kulka, Matt" <>
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 09:02:09 -0400
Hello List and Mr. Sexson,

When I bought my '74 B, the windshield to body seal was (and still is ) a
little curled under on the passenger side.  (That is, the lip which should
face the oncoming wind curls under to face the passenger.)  I always assumed
I'd have to pull the windshield to fix it.  Having read this note brings up
two questions:

1)  Can you remove and replace the seal without removing the windshield at
all, or did you have to loosen the frame?

2)  What is the cure to a seal which curls this way?  I assumed the
windshield was installed too high on the passenger side, allowing the center
of the seal to lift up and allow room for the curl.  I hope I'm wrong, and I
welcome correction.

As always, your help and direction is treasured.

Matt Kulka
Huntersville, NC
'74 B 

(As far as a metal cleaner and brightener, have you tried "Brasso" brass
polish?  I hear it's very good for chrome.  Even if it's got some surface

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I have heard several times, on the list, that it is very dificult to install
the windshild to body seal. I started this morning to install the seal...
took about fifteen minutes.

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