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RE: Vapour lock...

To: "'Bill Saidel'" <>,
Subject: RE: Vapour lock...
From: "Kulka, Matt" <>
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 12:35:49 -0400
Okay, okay, okay.  It was only a WAG - that's a "wild-a**ed guess" in these
parts.  I agree with your disagreement.  Makes perfect sense to me.

As I said, I've never tried it myself.  I have no idea if it worked, as
these were customer cars that would come in for other service.  We'd have a
chuckle and then carry on, leaving the customers' modifications in place.

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> I've heard this urban myth for a long time, but never had a car that
> vapor-locked to test it out.  My WAG though, is that the clothespin acts
> a heat sink...

Whoa. Heat sink...don't want to start a flame war but wood is a notoriously
poor heat sink. Prove to me that the heatsink properties of a wooden
clothespin is the rationale...

...I vote for the already mentioned change in flow configuration.

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