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Oil leaks

Subject: Oil leaks
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 20:07:22 EDT
Okay, I've had enough LBC's to know they all leak oil, but this leak is a big 
one. I thought it was the rear main oil seal. I removed the engine, separated 
same from transmission, removed oil soaked clutch and disintegrated release 
bearing, and flywheel. I removed the rear main oil seal, and drove in a new 
one. I did not remove the rear engine plate to do this. I then replaced the 
above mentioned damaged items with new, and re-installed engine & trans. to 
its proper place below bonnet ( fan to front of car, right?). Drove this car 
all of 3 miles (ran great) and discovered  that the leak was euther still 
there, or had returned. I see no real signs of an oil leak from the front 
trans seal, but lots of real clean oil on my drive. I just can't believe that 
the oil seal would leak that fast that soon. Is it not possible to change the 
seal without rear engine plate removal?
Feedback please.

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