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You'd think I'd learn!

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Subject: You'd think I'd learn!
From: "Dennis Berman" <>
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 14:27:58 -0500
Sorry for the clutter...

Driving home last night, she started to "chug" and sputter, then she

I was pretty worried, because I take great care of her, know every little
quark, and can often predict and identify most issues.

This time I wasn't too sure.

I waited a minute, then after someone honked at me, she started
and sputtered along. She stalled again just outside of my driveway.

My teenage son and I managed to push her up into the garage and
immediately began diagnosing her illness. 

I did notice (but didn't pay any attention to) a rather loud clicking
sound coming from the fuel pump. Okay, now you know exactly
what's wrong. I did too, but was too tired (after a 10 hour day) to
put the pieces together.

My son said, "Hey Dad, didn't this happen before... the last time
you ran out of gas?" Shit! He's right. I few gallons later, all was joy.

The moral?  CHECK that gas gauge every once in a while!
I'll stick a postit to me forehead,

Thanks for listening.


Dennis Berman
(_o____o_)   Safety Fast

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