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overheating, bad, bad, bad...

Subject: overheating, bad, bad, bad...
From: Michael Jose <>
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 23:25:01 -0700
oh my,
not only did i graduate yesterday, I also had one heck of a time on the
old US Route 60 here in Arizona.
My 79 b had been dieseling, and generally running pretty weird, and so I
had checked and adjusted the timing.
The next day, I was very pleased to note that the car was performing
better, and no dieseling (verdict still out on emissions)
The only problem was that it seemed to be a bit hotter than before.
Now, I thought that I had solved the overhot problems with the flush and
thermostat switch.  No big deal, though.
I drove up to the mall, and by the time we got there, the needle was way
over into the red.  A symptom of new timing, perhaps?
Let it sit in the shade for an hour and a half, and when I came back
out, it started up fine, and temp. was in the middle.
Got down the highway, and the gauge started climbing again...
but still the car was running better than before.
I started to think that the gauge was screwy, as the clock and fuel
gauge refuse to work.
I didn't want to chance that, and I was planning on pulling over after
the big interchange onto I-10, when the car started making a clacking
Next, it lost power, and I was unable to keep speed.
I was looking to pull over, and then the car began to smoke.
I got over to the side of the road, and smoke coming out from the engine
compartment was everywhere.
I opened the bonnet, (fire extinguisher ready), and no fire, just smoke.
I checked the coolant overflow, and it was full!  Boiling, but full.
Got it towed back to my dad's mechanic, (by the way, a tow only costs
$16 in AZ if DPS calls it in)
I *hope* that the problem is the water pump.
Any one care to diagnose?  The shop hasn't gotten to it, yet, but I
would like to know what I am getting into.
MIke Jose

by the way, 
the tow guy said to me,
"if you ever get towed again, be sure to tell them there's a brake line
on the rear axle- you wouldn't want to hurt that"

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