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Subject: Clutch
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 10:55:44 EDT
<<and when on a
hill at a stop light where the clutch was partially disengaged with some
throttle to hold the car in place.  But how could the bearing have worn all
the way through in just over a year when the first clutch lasted 25 years?>>

Holding the car on an incline by slipping the clutch is BAD! You will wear 
out your clutch lining fairly quickly. On the other hand, it shouldn't wear 
out the bearing before the disc goes. I assume that you have the original 
spec carbon faced bearing rather than a new style ball bearing (you didn't 
say). If it is a ball bearing style, you can blow them up pretty quick by not 
having a release spring on them.
The only way to destroy a carbon face bearing quickly is to either constantly 
ride it, or have a problem where the slave doesn't release properly, always 
keeping the bearing face in more than just touching proximity to the clutch 
plate.  Or have a defective part in the first place, or damage the facing 
when you put the engine in, so that it fractures and leaves you with lower 
facing level than normal (though I have seen bearings come out that were worn 
all the way through the carbon, leaving a thin bit of metal - scary, but 
still functioning, if a bit noisy).


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