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Kits Cars

Subject: Kits Cars
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 10:55:42 EDT
<<Ain't no 
 way a Fiero Kit car is worth 24 grand!! >>
<Check out  for more on the kit.  Does it 
include the Fiero?  Do you have to build it?  If it's a completed car, I can 
see where they got the $24K figure.  >>

Indeed, the brutes have attacked one of my other favourite cars, the Fiero, 
in a big way. Because the body panels unbolt, they are easy kit car subjects. 
The only problem I have is that few of the kits add anything in the way of 
looks, over the stock item, and those few that do, including perhaps the Dino 
and Lamborghini look alikes, are inevitably let down when you go up to them 
and see a stock Fiero interior.

I am also involved with an ongoing debate about whether it is better to 
install a Chev (or other, including the Northstar) V8 in a Fiero, or go the 
high tech route and work with the original engine (my preference, although we 
are pretty much limited to the 300-350 bhp range while the V8 guys can 
obviously have more - I liken it to the comparison between a stilleto and a 
lead pipe, but sadly that seems lost on the V8 crew).


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