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Re: Top problems 77B..sigh

To: "MG LIST" <>, "Tom McLaughlin" <>
Subject: Re: Top problems 77B..sigh
From: "Dan Ray" <>
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 18:40:18 -0500
It sounds like your top frame has been tweaked and bent significantly at
some time in it's life. It wouldn't take much for a bad person to pound on
it or something heavy (like a tree limb) to fall on it for this to happen.
1) I would look for a used frame from a junker. It's easy enough to
sandblast or sand it down and make it like new.
2) The brackets SHOULD line up easily.
3) Nope, I don't have one, but if there ARE MGBs out there in junkyards,
etc, that have fully functional frames (maybe some rust, see #1) If you live
somewhere where there are no Bs (I doubt it) I can at least recommend
British Motor Cars Ltd. in Madisonville, KY -- phone: (502) 825-2994,
821-7050, 821-6351. They have TONS of LBC parts of all kinds, will ship UPS,
and their prices are reasonable. I found a rare perfect (no tweaks at the
prop point) used trunklid there for $85!
73 B

>1)  My top has never gone all the way down.  When I look at pictures of
>other Bs with the top down they look alot lower and the tonneau cover
>looks in line with the car?  Mine always has a big hump.  Should I try
>to rebuild the frame and such or should I just take it off and get
>another when I get my new top.
>2)  Should the top and the windshield brackets line up fairly easily or
>do others have this same problem. (I doubt it)
>3)  I haven't really looked at the frame yet, but if it is shot, does
>anyone have one in good condition they are willing to sell?  Or should
>I buy a new one????

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