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Fuel Pump

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Subject: Fuel Pump
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Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 06:53:01 -0400
Just back from a week-long business trip in New Orleans & Chicago.  Got into
my MGB at White Plains airport & got as far as the airport exit when the B
began cutting out. What could it be?

Fuel tank full, fuel in the filter.  Nursed it onto the Merritt Parkway. Got
as far as the first exit before it just died.  Pulled off & no clicking from
the fuel pump, & no fuel in the filter.  So, off with the dress shirt & into
the tools.  Confirmed it was the pump.  Nothing happening.  A couple of raps
with a ratchet handle & clicks & fuel.  Off we go again as far as the next
exit.  Here I was offered assistance by a women in a SUT and a guy in an
early '50's Chevy Pickup.  Thanks to both of them.  But, again off to the
next exit.  That was enough.

Up with the car.  All under-car connections ok.  Off with the battery
cover - there's the culprit.  The power connection had corroded.  And, the
connection was far too loose to work.  After much sweat, I stripped the
connector off & wrapped the wire through the terminal on the pump.  Success.
Made it home.  Although the trial & error & mechanical work added another
hour to the delays I suffered through with USless Air.

So, this brings up the fuel pump question.  Had a noisy solid state one in
my '80 B.  Don't want that.  Don't remember what I put in my first '66 B to
replace the Lucas.  But, with SVRA racing just around the corner, anyone
have any suggestions for reliable good fuel pressure?

Please let me know.  I'll repair the connector tomorrow.  But, I want to get
a new pump asap.

Norm Sippel
'66 MGB commuter/racer

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