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Carlisle Questions

To: mgs <>
Subject: Carlisle Questions
From: "Proudfoot, Andrew" <proudfa@NAVCANADA.CA>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 02:16:00 -0400
All this talk of Carlisle has perked my interest for next year. Can some
one tell me where exactly this takes place? It would be a fly trip for
me so where is the closest airport? I have vowed to take in a show and
figure this must be as good as it gets. How about in relation to
Montreal? I could fly in to Montreal and rent a car. Chances of it being
an MG are slim!! :-))
I suppose if the 77 was up for it I might get a prize for the most
distance travelled and Barney would be proud of me too!!!! :-) Maybe I
might even have some luck like Larry did and win a car to drive back!!!!
Please forgive my ignorance in US geography but it never occurs to me to
get out that atlas at home.

Best Wishes, Safety Fast, & TIA!!!!!

Andy Proudfoot 77B
Gander, Newfoundland, Canada

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