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'77 MGB won't "run"

Subject: '77 MGB won't "run"
From: Mark Parenti <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 08:46:25 -0400
I'm returning to this list after a long absence. I have a '77 MGB that
I've had for almost 10 years now and I have recently purchased a second
'77 MGB. The previous owner started it for me before I brought it home
(it is in the process of being restored so isn't roadworthy at this
point). I was unable to get it running when I got it home. The PO had
had some problems with the fuel pump (big surprise :-) so I got a new
one. After I installed it I was able to start the car, but have been
unable to get it running since that one time.

The symptom is that the engine will "start" but stops running
immediately. It does catch (or at least seems to). I disconnected the
coil and tried to start the car and in that case the engine cranks but
doesn't catch (as expected). I have verified that I'm getting fuel to
the carb and the plugs are wet when I remove them right after a start
attempt so I think I'm getting fuel to the cylinders. I've also checked
for spark at the plugs and things seem fine there. I replaced the plugs,
but no difference.

The car has the original Lucas electronic ignition (with the DE4
distributor, I think). I don't know much about that setup since my other
car came with a points distributor (which I modified with a Crane
electronic ignition). The carb has been modified with a manual choke.

I'm hesitant to do any major changes since the car has run with the
current setup (although it didn't run great ...).

Any ideas?

Mark Parenti

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