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Bleeding Brakes, 77B

To: MG list <>
Subject: Bleeding Brakes, 77B
From: Tom McLaughlin <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 12:22:46 -0700 (PDT)
Well, another one of my firsts over the weekend.  I've done some brake
work, but never had to bleed any before.  The pedal was getting way to
"squishy" so I decided to try it.  I used the EZ-bleed tool and Castrol
LMA fluid.  A few questions:

1) Haynes says that the "later Bs", 76 and up, should have the pressure
warning switch on the master cylinder.  Mine did not...should it as it
is a 77? The proceedure for bleeding was a little different meaning
which wheel you should start with.  I proceeded with the furthest from
the MC, the right rear, which I hope is correct, then the left rear,
right front and finally left front.  This was the proceedure w/o the
pressure warning switch described in Haynes.

2) The rear went fine.  In fact, I adjusted the rear brakes while I was
there also.  I pumped until I had all fluid and no bubbles in the
EZ-bleed.  I continually topped off the MC fluid level.  The fronts
were more difficult. It seemed once I opened the bleed screw "a half a
turn" and then pumped the brakes, fluid would seap out the side of the
bleed nipple which means to me that air is getting back in when I let
the pedal up.  I could never get all of the air bubbles out of the
line.  I finally got the bleed screw to a point where I could pump the
brakes and not much fluid would seap out the side, but it was hard to
get the fluid to come out at all. Both front sides had this problem. 
As a result, I still have air in the lines.  The brakes functions, but
I have to "pump them up sometimes".   Is there a trick to doing this?

3) Can I take the bleed screws all the way out and clean them and their
recepticle?  Perhaps this would create a better seal and I wouldn't
have the seaping problem above.  If I take the bleed nipple all the way
out am I going to get a stream of fluid???  Should I not do this???

I spent considerable time reading, learning, trying, reading, learning,
and trying. The brakes are about where they were when I started.  I
guess the best part of this is that I have new fluid in the lines.  As
I have had the car for 3 years I'm guessing this is a good thing.  Any
suggestions on getting the squish out of my squishy pedals?

77B (no plate on the front so I could not help...sorry Andrew)

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