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FW: Whats going on with my clutch?

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Subject: FW: Whats going on with my clutch?
From: Hans Duinhoven <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 21:37:38 +0200
> Hi,
> Bleeding my clutch went well.
> My son pressed the pedal and kept it down.
> I saw the clutch at the engine side move, when pressed then open the bleed
> valve.
> Some air went out pressed by the slave cylinder. Repeated this several
> times.
> After no air appeared anymore I had my son repeatedly press and release
> the clutch 10 times.
> Then again he pressed the pedal and kept it down.
> I then opened the bleed valve and some little ait came out.
> I noticed the air coming in the slave by the sound, so I knew when I had
> to bleed again.
> The all procedure just took 30 minutes - not bad for the first time I
> thought...
> Cheers,
> Hans
> '71 BGT now on the PWD job.
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> Subject:      Re: Whats going on with my clutch?
> > Any advice on what to do next? Any
> <chance the air will work it's way out as I drive it?
>   The clutch is much harder to bleed than the brakes, as there seems to
> be a pocket of air trapped in the slave.  First, I recommend the
> the E Z bleed.  Some of our other lists don't like it, but I swear by
> it.  It's made bleeding the brakes and clutch a trivial task.
> One hint to bleeding the clutch is to detach the slave from the clutch
> housing, wire in the plunger so it doesn't pop out, and hold the slave
> so that the bleed nipple is the highest point.  That way no bubbles
> get trapped inside.
> My other suggestion, as before, is to use the Gunnsen's E-Z bleed.
> You can quickly bleed a pint of fluid through the system, flushing more
> air and debris, and not relying on the function of the master, which
> is happiest with backpressure, as you've found out.
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