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Re: 1st burn

To: "Michael Graziano" <>,
Subject: Re: 1st burn
From: "susie" <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 17:28:05 -0500
Subject: 1st burn

First off, as a member of the list, We (SHOULD)depend on each other to be
treated with the same respect and honesty we want to be given to ourselves.
Shame on any other treatment. All the weeds  need to be pulled and tossed to
be burned.
Occasionally, there are good excuses, response when e-mailed
......does make you wonder...
I don't care what anyone says.....You can get to UPS in 2 months.
Somehow...Someway.... I feel you have every right to be upset.
I also think it should be posted to the list. Maybe not the name....
They know who they are...........Also they need to not sell anything else.
Especially, knowing they can't get to UPS in 2 months!!!!


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