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Re: Seatbelts

To: Simon Matthews <>
Subject: Re: Seatbelts
From: Rick Brown <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 18:50:21 -0700
Simon Matthews wrote:
> To those who are expecting new belts, despite the fact that they should have
> paid to replace them earlier, if not defective, I ask a question: has a
> former owner got the new belts but not installed them?
> I have seen at least one post on the lines of:
> I received the new belts, but I installed them in my other car instead. If
> the car which should have new belts is sold on (without the belts already
> sent) should Rover send belts again for that car?
> Simon

That was me that installed them in my B instead of the Midget - I had
forgotten to give them to the New owner of the Midget.  Rover will not
replace them again as they keep records of the VIN numbers that have
been replaced.


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