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THE BEST Wrench for Bleeder Screws...

Subject: THE BEST Wrench for Bleeder Screws...
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 19:55:15 -0500
The best thing for these bleeders is a 5/16" 8 pt socket, the one that looks
like a star, instead of a hex.  Well there are two squares   that make that star
shape...  (the squares are conveniently, yet exactly 1/4") Kind of hard to
explain but if you have one handy you'll see what I am talking about...
'72 B Daily Driver

> The bleeder screws are 1/4" box end.  DO NOT USE A REGULAR 1/4" WRENCH ON
> THESE, especially if they're in the least bit frozen.  They strip very
> easily.  A fellow at the local auto parts store who happened to have a spot
> welder made me a nice little tool for the job out of two sockets:  one with
> a 3/8" recieving end and the other with a 1/4" end.  He welded them
> together, so now I've got a tidy little 1/4" square driver for use with a
> standard socket driver.
> Regards,
> =J=

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