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A Plea

Subject: A Plea
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 10:57:39 EDT
Gentlemen (and gentle ladies) - I know you have heard this before, and will 
no doubt hear it again, but allow me to offer a note on Internet Etiquette.

When you quote what someone else said in your reply, either through sloth, 
ignorance, or some quirk of your software, many of you are quoting the entire 
previous post (and even more, sometimes).

For those of us on the digest, this means that we get to read the same 
original post over and over again, as many times as there are responses.
While I am sure that your response had something cogent to add to the debate, 
many of us, particularly the ones on the digest, perhaps, have limited time 
to give to net stuff, and we may give in to temptation and simply delete the 
whole thing, your cogent reply included.

This sort of thing has reached such a magnitude that in another group, I once 
counted the content and found that in one digest, only 20% was new content 
and the rest was quoted material.

While it is necessary to quote to give context to what you are posting, 
please give the rest of us a break and put in only enough for us to know what 
it is that you are replying to. Not the original poster's e-mail address, not 
the 5 replies before you, not ......well, hopefully you get the picture.

Thank you.

Bill S.

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