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No-class TR6

Subject: No-class TR6
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 10:09:47 EDT
This week is British Car Week and I'm dying to commute in my 'B, but we're 
moving this week and the B isn't good for all the utility stuff I must do 
every day.  Anyway, I'm driving towards downtown DC and I pace an early 
E-Type for a while.  Beautiful car in pristine shape.  Tore my heart out I 
wasn't in my B.  Then I spy ahead a bright yellow TR6.  It looked good until 
I got close.  The car was in excellent shape, but the driver had plastered it 
with peel-off stickers--rear end had two of those reclining nude female 
profiles, and the rest of the car had, oh, 20-25 smiley-face stickers.  Three 
on the windshield, some on the bra--yes, he had a bra--one on each wheel 
spinner, front and rear valance a couple each, and so forth, with other 
stickers, too.  He also had a bunch of stuff dangling off the rear view 
mirror.  Bad juju stuff.  
I know us MG people have our difference with Triumph owners, but this was way 
over the top.  What was he thinking?

Jay Donoghue
66 Mustang
(no stickers)

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