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Re: Coil.... To Ballast or Not To Ballast....

Subject: Re: Coil.... To Ballast or Not To Ballast....
From: "Peter C." <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 13:55:56 -0500
        Here in the States, Lucas markets(ed) only 1 version of a "Sports Coil"
number DLB105B. (though if you read between the lines, others are made but
not in this market). This particular part number requires "..the ballast
resistor or resistive cable should be disconnected..."  Their other "High
Energy Power Coils" come in other styles.   Peter C 

At 01:37 PM 5/26/99 , wrote:
>Forget all about the standard ignition.
>Find out if the Lumenition ignition requires a ballasted coil if it does you 
>must fit one.
>If the Lumenition does not require a ballasted coil and you fit one anyway 
>you will lose some spark energy.
>The Gold colour Lucas Sports coil comes in 2 distinct types - Ballast and 
>non-Ballast.  Each has a separate part number.
>I think there is a lot of archive on this subject

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