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53 TD - what's it worth?

To: "''" <>
Subject: 53 TD - what's it worth?
From: Brian Boss <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 21:57:21 -0500
Hello all - sorry if this is a duplicate, I sent it from work yesterday but it 
was not in the digest.

A guy in my neighborhood has had a 53 TD for sale for about a month and I am 
becoming tempted to make an offer for it. I was hoping someone on the list 
might have a feel for what a fair price would be.
I have only briefly viewed the car about a month ago - here is what I recall:
Car is driveable but has no state safety inspection.
No visible rust but needs repaint. All chrome is pitted, front bumper missing.
Needs interior but dash/gauges are OK, missing steering wheel center cap.
Needs top fabric (frame OK).

He was asking $7700 but, from looking at Hemmings,  that seems high to me. Any 
input?  Any special problem areas to check on a TD (I don't know a lot about T 
series cars)?  Any super-expensive parts I should make sure are there?
Thanks for any comments,
Brian Boss

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