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Tonneau Covers

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Subject: Tonneau Covers
From: Phil Vanner <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 11:51:49 -0500
My wife offered to buy me a tonneau as a present, so I'm suddenly in the 
market for one. Sidescreen midget type: no headrests, no quarterlights.

Question: do these come with a back bar? If not where can I get one, they 
aren't in the usual catalogs.

Who has best quality? Or, all else being equal, best price? Any I should 
definitely avoid?

Any installation tips?

And finally, feel free to hit me with your commercial e-mail if you are a 
vendor or Moss reseller, or have one to get rid of. Might as well keep the 
business on the list if it meets my needs. If you want to quote price with 
shipping, it will be to Minneapolis, zip 55416.

Phil Vanner

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