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BCW Sighting

Subject: BCW Sighting
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 10:21:54 EDT
Report from the Western suburbs of Chicago -

I took Wednesday off and did a good deal of running around in my '79 Midget. 
We drove the 40 miles to the far southern suburbs to my in-laws where my wife 
wanted to plant some flowers while her folks are on vacation in Florida. So 
with the boot full of flower flats and a large bucket of dirt behind the 
seats we set out. The bucket behind the seat took up the area the top folds 
down into so I was embarrassed to be travelling top up as we went by a red 
and white big Healey that was pulling out of a gas station. It was top down 
of course. I recognized the driver - it was Jack Feldman who is also on the 
list and lives 3 or 4 miles from me. Proper waves and thumbs up were 

While at my in-laws, I tried to fire up my MGA which is kept in their garage 
to take it out but it refused to start. I think when I replaced the leaking 
carb jets last year, I never went back through and re-tuned it. So that will 
be done on our next trip down there. Didn't have time to go through step by 
step on Wednesday and hadn't brought all my tools anyway.

Our only other LBC sighting was a yellow TR6 sitting outside a repair shop. 
It was top down as if recently driven.

Tomorrow morning we pack up the Midget and motor south to Urbana for the 
Champagne British Car Festival. The plan is to take the backroads and enjoy 
the open country roads that are a great contrast to the urban congestion in 
our area.
Can't wait to see that scurvy lot of V8ers and old friends down south. 
Hopefully they convinced the hotel to lay in enough beer this year. 

Now where did I put my eye patch and parrot...

Kim Tonry
Downers Grove, Illinois

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