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My 'New' Bentley's Manual & Oil Pressure

Subject: My 'New' Bentley's Manual & Oil Pressure
From: Eric Erickson <>
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 01:11:29 +0509
The rain and cold are setting in it seems down here in the middle/south
of Australia.  It must be Winter!  I drove to work with the top down
(beany, scarf, gloves and coat... I have a cold!) but had to come home
with the top up and the rain is predicted to get worse over the
weekend.  So I guess I will have to put up with your stories of glorious
autumn and summer drives in the Northern Hemisphere... or at least live
through them until we get our warmer weather back again.

In the meantime I can catch up on some reading and you will have to put
up with some quoting as this newbie discovers all sorts of stuff about
his little car.  I have just got my hands on a rather vintage copy of
Bentley's "The Complete Official MGB - Model Years 1962 - 1974" (well,
1974 may not quite be 'vintage') and I love this quote about oil
pressure which makes me feel very safe with mine...

"The pressure may rise above 80lb/ when the engine is started from
cold, and as the oil is circulated and warmed the pressure should then
drop to between 50 and 80lb/ at normal running speeds and to
between 10 and 25lb/ at idling speed."

Plenty of room for comfort there (although I get quite a bit more
pressure than that at idle unless it is a really hot day and my idle is
quite low).

What great and clear drawings/diagrams of parts and components and
procedures in this manual... better than any others I have seen!

Lots of reading here!!!


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