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MGA Steering Rack Boots, Autocross, long trips, etc.

Subject: MGA Steering Rack Boots, Autocross, long trips, etc.
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 22:10:37 EDT
Hi everyone,
        In an attempt to ready the good ol' MGA for the Utica Autocross
on June 6th, I need to change the no longer existing steering rack boots
(both).  Just a few questions:
 Is this easy?
What tools do I need?
I have the MGA Factory Workshop Manual and another generic-type manual.
How many people are required?
Will I need to realign the front end afterwards?
Can I do this myself? 
Should I spend my time trying to get the <goshdarn> taillights and
headlights to work instead?

And in relation to the autocross:
I will be changing back to the original steel wheels (from something
that's too big from a Ford, says the DPO)
What kind of tires should I get?  
Is there anything else easy I should do to ready the car?

In relation to the semi-long trip to Utica, from LaGrange IL:
What kind of spare parts should I bring?
Everything seems to work fine now, should it stay that way or not, and if
not, which parts tend to break without due      cause?

I CAN'T BELIEVE MY CAR IS ALMOST DONE!!!  Well, not DONE, but drivable,
shall we say?

See you there, anyone who is going, and Thanks much for your help!!

Parker Whiteway
57 MGA  Everyone at my high school will be jealous, oh yes, _very_ 

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