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"Safety Fast" Warning light...and idea

Subject: "Safety Fast" Warning light...and idea
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 13:15:58 EDT
Hello all,

Well, for BCW, I took the mGB out for a spin last night, bad alt. and all.  I 
wanted to test out the new driving lights.  I should be getting a new alt. 
today so I don't have the red idiot light staring me in the face...

Thinking about idiot lights, I always enjoyed watching my rectangular 'Fasten 
Belts' light come on, then go off after a minute or two (I'm a simple man).  
I found that I could make this light glow full-time if I touched it to a 
ground, but who wants to look at a red seatbelt reminder?  

Then, inspiration struck.  I just need some help from the list to get it done.

How cool would it be to take the 'Fasten Belts' plastic light cover and 
convert it to read "Safety Fast" in script?  Or the MG radio blanking plate 
logo?  Even the MG list logo!!!  Maybe with a little plastic and tinting 
material, we could have these warning lights in blue, green, amber, etc.

My idea runs out of steam when asked how we could do this.  I've seen a metal 
material used for stage lighting that is very thin and can be cut with an 
X-acto knife.  Maybe if we were to remove the 'fasten belts' message with a 
razor knife, cut a piece of this metal with our desired message (tedious, 
yes), glue our desired colored gel (translucent plastic paper that colors the 
light), glue the metal into place, then cover it with a small piece of 
Plexiglas, held in place with some clear silicone.  

>From this end, it sounds doable.  However, if there's someone who has the 
plastic working materials to produce a small plastic plate with the desired 
logo, we might be better off.

Some time this weekend, I'm going to start investigating the possibilities 
with the spares that I've got.  I don't know whether I could sell these or 
not; more to the point, I don't know if I'd have time to make them to sell.

As a corollary to this idea, I thought about masking and painting the inside 
of my idiot light, high beam warning lamp, and hazard flasher warning light 
with an MG octagon.  Seems just as tedious and probably a bit of overkill.  
But I think the rectangular warning lamp idea would be understated - those 
who noticed it would find it cool.  

So what does the list think?  If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, by all 
means, let me know...

Mike Lishego

1974 MGB (New driving lights & front speakers.)
1986 Plymouth Turismo (New everythings.)

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