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RE: 80 Limited Edition value

To: (mgs)
Subject: RE: 80 Limited Edition value
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 19:45:47 EDT

Just to give you an idea.....I found a similar car here in Florida 
recently....could have bought it for $4500.

Two things....keep in mind the rubber bumper cars are slow and handle 
poorly...I speak from experience....not prejudice.....I axed the single ZS 
carb went to dual SU's with a header and lowered mine to chrome bumper height 
with new springs, and added telescopic shocks all around.  A highly 
recommended modification.

Also...I think the Limited Editions were beautiful....if not very limited.   
According to Original MG, there were 6682 LE models made for the US market.  
I wouldn't pay much extra for it, unless you think it's worth it to have an 

Nels Ferré
79 MGB (not LE)

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