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Subject: [Fwd: Parking Lot Dings]
From: Karl Shultz <>
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 15:37:35 +0000
I remember an idea for fixing people who put dents in the sides of your

I'm one of those people who parks his cars absolutely as far away from
where I'm going as possible.  But still these morons find me and put
little dimples in the sides of my car.  Being the car obsessed freak
that I am, one of Car and Driver's tips seemed like a good idea.

Keep a handful of round wooden toothpicks in your glovebox.  If you get
back to your car after shopping at the mega mart, and some moron in a
clapped out 83 Camaro (you know, the ones with doors as big as our LBCs)
has left you a souvenier from your parking experience, take the
toothpick, and break it off in their door lock...both sides if you're
feeling especially hot about it.

I've not used it yet, mostly because I've not been sure who did it
(different car when I returned from mega mart), but it's a pretty
harmless way to get back at someone.

Susan and John Roper wrote:
> Bill, you really ought to write a book.  I get much benefit out of your tech
> revelations, but am finding equal benefit from the tales.  Sorry, out of time,
> got to go look for a couple of squeeze bottles.  John
> wrote:
> > << My B had it's nose smushed in by some (explicatives
> > >deleted) in a parking lot.  Apparently they thought they could back out of
> > >the space...OVER my MGB.  They didn't even leave a number.>>
> >
> > My wife's MGC got a bent brand new front bumper from a park-by-ear moron,
> > right after we restored the car.
> >
> > One guy in university had it figured (and understand, I am not condoning 
> > method).
> > He was a lab TA in chemistry, and was pissed off that people kept backing
> > into his Morris Minor in the parking lot.  He affixed a couple of those lab
> > rinse bottles - the Nalgene ones (plastic) with the little spout used for
> > squirting water for cleaning glassware, etc., to his front bumper.  He 
> > them up with something, I forget just what, that acted as a rather efficient
> > paint remover, so that anytime someone backed into his car, they would also
> > administer a punitive squirt of paint remover to the paint work on their own
> > car. The harder they hit it, the bigger the spray.
> >
> > His theory, with which I admit to having some sympathy, was that as long as
> > they didn't transgress by bumping his Morris, they went untouched. The
> > self-administered punishment aspect always had some appeal to me. I don't
> > know whether it acted as a deterrent or not; more likely the people later
> > wondered who had vandalised theior cars, which robs the whole thing of some
> > of the irony, I guess.
> >
> > Of course this was also the guy that rolled his Minor in the snow (gently) 
> > the way to university, with his whole car pool in it. The soon to be ex-car
> > pool, after extricating themselves (no seat belts, remember, just a clump of
> > about 6 disgruntled students on the now bottom most roof of the Minor),
> > apparently suitably berated both car and driver.  Wish I'd been there to see
> > it.
> >
> > Bill S.

Karl Shultz
95 Integra GS-R, black, loud
73 MGB, orange, only marginally drivable

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