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Re: A little cash raising for a poor GT

Subject: Re: A little cash raising for a poor GT
From: john peloquin <>
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 09:43:01 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Mike,

How much for the GT sunvisors- does that include the mounting hardware?

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On Wed, 9 Jun 1999 wrote:

> Time for a little clearout of some of the extra odds and sods to defray
> the GTs suspension costs - the following is a partial list - if you dont
> see it ask
> Most of the parts are thoroughly cleaned and refurbished/painted.
> Oh - and those of you who dont like this sort of message......sorry....
> delete and move on!
> Bonnet                                fan belt pulley
> driveshaft                            themostat cover(73)
> exhaust manifold                      4 rostyle rims (unrefinished)
> 4 wires with tyres                    2 x shortblocks
> rear hubs and backing plates          rear wire wheel hubs
> GT hatch                              complete front end
> GT hatch trim                 door caps (roadster and GT)
> GT windshield trim                    Hs4 carbs incl manifold/plate
> GT pass door  - complete incl window/quarterlight     (black tulip no
> less!!)
> GT drivers side quarterlight          interior airvents/hoses
> GT rear seat - back and bottom        ashtray (chrome)
> GT sunvisors                  ashtray (for console)
> valve covers                  non o/d gearbox  
> grille for 62-69                      used 69 interior panels (good)  
> pair autumn leaf headrests            steering column cowl
> seat frames                   front bumpers
> soft top frame - late model incl header rail
> side marker lights                    GT rear windows
> gas guages                    GT hatch bed
> temp guages                   radiator (73)
> oil pressure guages                   windshield assy incl glass
> turn signal/dimmer switch             bonnet prop
> wiper/o/d switch                              
> various rocker switches               var chrome trim and hardware
> var badges
> mike robson
> 69 roadster
> 70 BGT
> 53 Riley
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