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Re: Seeking MGB Tonneau Advice

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Subject: Re: Seeking MGB Tonneau Advice
From: "Andrew Lundgren" <>
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1999 12:34:14 -0600

I prefer it to the top on my '70 B.  I hate putting the top up at all. 
I mostly only drive mine in nice weather and keep the passenger side
closed all the time.  That way the papers over there don't blow out....

They are great....

On Sat, 12 Jun 1999 12:23:23 EDT, wrote:

>I'm thinking about getting a full tonneau for my '71 B. Do you tonneau users 
>out there like them? What's involved with the installation? Which make is 
>best? Should I get the tonneau without the headrest pockets? I'm concerned 
>that the pockets won't line up with the way I have the seats adjusted. I took 
>the locking springs out of my headrest stems so I can easily remove them. I 
>could stow the headrests when the tonneau is on. Anybody doing this? Thanks 
>in advance.
>Bob Donahue (Still stuck in the '50s)
>52 MGTD - under DIY restoration NEMGTR #11470
>71 MGB   - AMGBA #96-12029, NAMGBR #7-3336

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