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Re: Repair estimate

Subject: Re: Repair estimate
From: Enrique Claure <>
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999 20:24:48 -0400
R.B, it seems to be a pretty steep price. I got an estimate for just paint
for 2000U$ I think your estimate is just as pricey as mine. I am sick and
tired of these high paint costs and feel that I should learn how to paint.
I know I can hire a pro part time bodyshop technician to get my car set up
for painting, then Hire an oven for about two hours and save major bucks. 

I am unsure if you can learn how to paint by reading books, videos seem to
be the way to go but I still feel a good 5 day course would do the job.
Anybody out there have any suggestions?


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