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Re: Customs Info for Aussies

To: "Neil Cotty" <>
Subject: Re: Customs Info for Aussies
From: Graham McCann <>
Date: Sat, 03 Jul 1999 08:23:20 +1000

Have faith Neil.  The sales tax will come down to 10%, as a Goods and
Services Tax.  What will happen to duty is another matter which has nothing
at all to do with the upcoming replacement of wholesale sales taxes with a
flat 10% GST.


At 06:04 pm 2/7/99 +1000, Neil Cotty wrote:
>Hi all,
>OK I am p***** off, just a WEE bit. But never mind I'll get over it. <G>
>Here's the dice - I ordered some flat top pistons from Malvern Racing for my
>MGB race car. Great company to deal with BTW. These things are being
>delivered by UPS. I get a call from them, asking me what the package was.
>"Was it Racing parts?" Like a dummy I said "No, it's for my street car" (I
>will use it on the street only to drive to the track and back!). Then the
>guy asks me how old the car is. I say "1970". He says, thats a pity, I say
>"Why?", he says "Oh you just miss out on the vintage discount for cars older
>than 30 yrs old".... At this point I scream rather loudly. ;)
>So get this. I pay 15% duty on these parts, plus 22% sales tax. So I pay 37%
>more for these pistons. If the car was older than 30yrs old, then it would
>be 25% total. Just 3% duty. I also figure now that if I had said they were
>purely for race use I would have had very little duty as the parts are not
>used on the road.. Anyone confirm this?
>So anyway people, make sure if you get something for your +30yr old car,
>mark the outside of the box that the parts are for such car. Explains why I
>got hit 37% for the rocker shaft I brought in from Moss last time. I don't
>understand this customs stuff.1/2 the time I get charged nothing, the other
>half I get ripped off. Ridiculous.
>I gather this GST will mean the axeing of the 22% sales tax and we will then
>pay only what 12% or whatever... Pigs might fly!!! <G>
>Neil Cotty - Sydney, Australia
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