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Re: How many cars in your collection

Subject: Re: How many cars in your collection
From: Enrique Claure <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 00:16:26 -0400
Carl,  that happens to be a typo, my volvo is a 1970 and is the car the car
you so nicely checked for me,Enrique Claure 

>> Last time I checked:
>> 1977 280Z mint as a rain drop
>> 1978 MGB
>> 1963 Karmann Ghia coupe
>> 1979 Volvo P1800 E
>> 1999 Infiniti I30T
>> Thas it for now, Enrique
> A 1979 P1800? That must be pretty rare :-)
>Carl French
>97 Sable wagon
>92 Geo Metro (high powered roller skate)
>87 Toyota Tercel
>83 Son entering driver's Ed in August 8-0!!!
>85 Daughter waiting for her first Bugeye
>BTW, I am starting to smoke (my car) I am starting to think rebuild. Do
>you still have a copy of the rebuild video I can study?

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