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Re: Steering wheel removal

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Subject: Re: Steering wheel removal
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 13:32:18 -0700 (PDT) (20:32 UT)
>How do I get the #@$$^@&$@&%**@ steering wheel off!

 From your comment above, I assume you've already tried just pulling,
as well as rocking back and forth many, many times.
I got the wheel off of Milou by using the following AUTOX.TEAM.NET
recommended technique.
Remove the center hub cover, etc. and the big nut.  (I got it off by
putting vise-grips on it at right angles and using channel-lock pliers
on the vise-grips).  Put the big nut back on just enough to protect the
threads at the end of the shaft.  Sit in the driver's seat.  Wedge
your knees under the wheel, pulling back.  Use your left hand to pull
back on the top of the wheel.  In your right hand, wield your five-pound
soft-faced copper knockoff mallet and give a good solid whack to the
center shaft/nut. Repeat as necessary.  Mine took only one whack and
it popped right off.

*Philippe Tusler - Mission Viejo, CA     | "MILOU"    '57 MGA Roadster *
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