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Re: MGA update and need an opinion.

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Subject: Re: MGA update and need an opinion.
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 15:46:14 -0700 (PDT) (22:46 UT)
>Should I even try to crank it over with an oil/spark plug change?  The
 engine is complete and all the gears on the transmission
 engage/disengage easily.  It is tempting but I am afraid I will do more
>damage which means more $$$$.

 When I read your posting, I thought I was reading about me!  Milou
was in a grandmother's garage for nineteen years.  I filled the tires
with "flat-in-a-can" to roll it out and onto a flatbed trailer.
I spent about $750 to replace the tires, all the rubber, rebuild the
brakes, clutch hydraulics, fuel, and cooling system.  The water pump was
a corroded mess.  I washed out the gas tank, and flushed the radiator.
  HOWEVER, I squirted a few tablespoons of light oil into the cylinders,
and with the plugs out, and fresh oil in the sump, cranked the engine
until oil pressure came up.  Then I replaced the plugs and fired it up!
That was nine years ago, and she runs fine!
 The next year I replaced the dried out leather and seat foam, and I
have a wonderful MGA to enjoy!
 If you can, use the hand-crank to turn the engine gently at first to
determine if it's seized.
 My clutch was seized, but with the back up on blocks, a few slamming-on
of brakes with the engine revved up broke the clutch free.
 Good Luck!!!!!!
| "MILOU"    '57 MGA Roadster *  - Y2K Compliant
| "TINTIN"   '66 MG/MGB-GT    *  - Y2K Compliant
|  N/A       '88 ISUZU Trooper*

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