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Re: OT: Ferrari

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Subject: Re: OT: Ferrari
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 1999 12:13:14 +1000
Well I've heard a few screaming Ferrari Engines, and few Datto's and I think
I can tell the difference just by the sound! I heard this before I saw it,
so this was no Datto conversion. I've seen plenty of conversions btw, and
compared to them this thing was incredible. If it was a copy, it must have
been Ferrari based, I caught a glimpse of the interior and it looked pretty
genuine to me from pics I've got at home in a few books. But what sealed it
for me is a few seconds after this thing buzzed me, Stuart Jonklaas of the
MG Centre called me on my mobile, I mentioned it to him and according to him
we have at least one here in Sydney, as his business partner Stuart Ratliff
(who used to be in the restoration business) has actually RESTORED one!

So there you go. :)

Sydney, Australia - home of at least one GTO.

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