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Re: It runs!

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Subject: Re: It runs!
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Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 20:49:45 +0100
If you *are* using a 6v coil without a ballast you have probably burnt the
points, hence the poor running.  The ballast is a length of resistance wire
of about 1.5 ohms that starts of white at the ignition switch end and
finishes up white/light-green at the coil +ve terminal.  From there it is
extended on to a special terminal on the solenoid that only gives out a
voltage during cranking.  This boosts the voltage at the coil during
cranking for ease of starting.

I don't think the one-wire alt is standard for any year, it sounds like a
modern after-market jobbie, what do you do for an ignition warning light?
Two- and three-wire alts have one (or two) browns that go to the hot
terminal of the solenoid and the brown/yellow indicator wire.  The electric
temp gauges are shown as having a green/blue to the transmitter.

Green is fused ignition and feeds things like instruments, turn signals,
wipers, heater fan etc.

White/black is used between distributor and coil, can't spot a black/white.

or if that doesn't work try

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Date: 10 August 1999 12:08
Subject: Re: It runs!

>The good news is that it made it the mile into town.  I had to stop a
>few times to check out noises, adjust belts etc, but no major problems.
>The bad news is that the drive home wasn't quite so smooth.  It died
>on me several times on the drive home.  I suspect that it has something
>to do with the ignition.
>It's possible that it has a loose wire, but I suspect that I wired
>the ballast resistor in wrong.  Can anyone give me a clue as to
>how the ballast should be wired in?
>The other wiring questions I have (because no wire colors mathc
>the schematic in the book) are the lone wire that hooks up to the
>alternator and the wire that hooks up to the temp sensor.
>The two most likely candidates for either of those are one that is green
>and one that is black and white.
>I have a '69 BGT with a 4 lead alternator.  Three of the leeds are very
>obvious how they hook up, because they are on one connector, it's the
>fourth lead that is giving me problems.
>Pardon the incoherency of this post, but it is 4AM.  Sigh, I was hoping
>to actually drive her tomorrow.  At least she is running under her own
>power and seems to be fairly strong, from what I can tell babying the
>motor during break in.
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