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Re: Speedometer

To: MG Nuts <>
Subject: Re: Speedometer
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 17:42:26 -0700
Word on the street is that Max Heim said:
> There is a table showing this sequence on Skye's website, The MGB 
> Experience, at:

Hmm, the information I found indicated that 1976-1980 (blue label) used the
1000 tpm speedo, but that the 1968-1975 (black label) used 1000 or 1280
for non-OD or OD respectively.  That last bit differs with your post.

Anyone want to add their opinion?


> >They did not have different speedos for the o/d cars.  All cars I've seen 
> >(68 
> >- 74) used the 1280 series speedo.  In 1975, the o/d cars went to 1000 tpm 
> >(turns per minute) due to the slight changes in the o/d gearing.  I suspect 
> >the change in o/d gearing was due to the fact that the plastic gears on the 
> >1280 units wore out fairly quickly.    But, 1975 - 1976 cars (non-o/d) used 
> >the 1280.  And I have seen 1975 with 1280 and o/d.  There was some weird 
> >stuff going on in 75 & 76.  It all depends upon the o/d unit.  Typically, 
> >black label units were 1280 and blue label units were 1000.  From 1977 up, 
> >all cars (non-o/d & o/d) used 1000 tpm.  Make sense?  
> >
> >Eric Swanger
> >So many cars, so little time

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