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Re: Anyone In NYC Area? Non emergency help needed.

To: Michael Graziano <>
Subject: Re: Anyone In NYC Area? Non emergency help needed.
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 1999 18:46:06 -0700
Shot in the dark.. have you verified the wires are in the right order?
Midgets probably fire the same as MGB's, 1-3-4-2.  If thats okay, did
you attach the plug leads off by one?  I can't remember the exact
procedure for determining when #1 should fire - its something like
take the plug out of #1 and turn the engine until the piston is at the
top of its stroke AND the timing mark is aligned with TDC (if the timing
mark isn't at TDC then the piston is on the exhaust stroke?).  Anyway,
get that sorted out and make sure the rotor is at the right position to
deliver the spark down #1 lead.
Something to try, anyway.  Is the Lumenition under warranty?  Sounds more
like a black box failure to me.


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