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Re: Purple pink ignition cable

To: "Paul Hunt" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Purple pink ignition cable
From: Enrique Claure <>
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 1999 23:34:45 -0700
I could trace the purple pink cable to the buzzer what I cant find is were
the cable attaches to on the ignition key switch. My switch has only five
leads and they are all connected to a cables being. WR,N,S,W,G. Where does
the PK cable connecto to? Does it share source with one of the other five
cables? Thanks, Enrique

At 04:40 p.m. 14/08/1999 +0100, Paul Hunt wrote:
>Purple/pink is associated with the time delay buzzer and drivers seat buckle
>switch etc. on North American cars.
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>From: Enrique Claure <>
>To: <>
>Date: 12 August 1999 22:05
>Subject: Purple pink ignition cable
>>Hi list, I was going over my dash harness to make sure everything is OK and
>>found a cut cable coming out of the
>>key lock system. The free cable is a purple pink strange thing is that
>>there is no free solding point for this cable? does it share contacts with
>>another cable? TIA Enrique
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